Helmuth Lemme is a journalist and author well kwon in the german technical community - and a kind of a hero to all German-language guitar aficionados who are interested in the technical side of the instrument. This is because he wrote wonderful, highly informative little books about electric guitars and amps as early as the  1970's, and was one of the first people to really get to the bottom of what makes (or breaks) the guitar sound. He also very much helped to enable the reader of his books to differentiate between fact and myth. In a way, he is the "fore-runner" of GITEC, and of course we made him an honorary member!

Helmuth has published mostly in German, but there is one book on the electric guitar in English language:

Helmuth Lemme:

Electric Guitar - Sound Secrets and Technology

published by Elektor; ISBN 978-1-907920-13-4

Again, this is an entirely useful book, very practical and easy to understand. It would be a perfect primer for anyone who wants to get into the technical side of the guitar.

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