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Get to know your instrument from the technical point of view:

GITEC has scientifically correct information for you

You play the electric guitar. It is your profession, your calling, or your dearest hobby. It inspires you and offers you an incomparable means of expression.

Most of us guitar players have one thing in common: the eternal quest for the โ€œvery best guitar soundโ€. On this quest, you will, sooner or later, want to understand better how this instrument and its amplification actually works โ€“ and you will be looking for way to optimize your guitar and your gear for your special needs. This is where GITEC can assist and answer many questions based onย a most comprehensive collection of know-how. Not just in scope, but also in scientific depth this knowledge base is - as we see it โ€“ globally unique and a real โ€œfirstโ€. You are also welcome toย ask questionsย on our Community-page (where you will also find interestingย scientific articles,ย projects by our members, ourย GITEC Journal, and much more).

Because most of us guitar players have one thing in common: the eternal quest for "the perfect guitar tone"!

So: what is this GITEC thing?

We guys at GITEC - that's our forum for guitar technology - have a ton of fun with our axes plugged into a Tweed, a Plexi or a Boogie โ€“ or several of them. But then we always want to know how all that stuff actually works. And so we also like to connect a multi-meter, oscilloscope or analyzer to our guitars (or amps) โ€“ just like it happened to that Tele on the right.

Uh-oh ... though so: ย nerd-alert!

Well, yeah, we might be. Some more, some less. Some of us would say they were actually quite normal until they were reeled in by THE PROFESSOR.

The Professor???

Yep - the name is Manfred Zollner: he is a retired actual professor who is quite well known in the area of acoustics and had a chair at the Regensburg University in Germany. Being somewhat nutty in a good way, he is into high-powered BMW's, plays a mean Les Paul (among other guitars) and has written up - over a period of 11 years - a kind of reference book on "how exactly does the electric guitar work and why is its sound so hot?" He did that just for fun 'cause it's his thing - 1200 pages and counting because there's more to come! This guy clobbered us with some severe knowledge, workshops, fora-contributions, and a general bending-our-ears- and know-it-all-approach - not to mention a free online edition of his book for GITEC members. Since he's pretty much a genius, knows everything (and knows it better!), he's now the chairman of our association.

Association? What's that for, then?

Because we all want high powered BMW's ...


JUST KIDDING .... the association has the objective of making the scientific knowledge about electric guitars, corresponding amps, and everything associated with this subject available to everybody. We see a lot of pseudo knowledge, "voodoo" and puffery out there and we think that needs some serious counterbalancing ....

That's a tall order, isn't it?

In fact, there's even more! At GITEC, we have a mission: we want to put the MAGIC where it belongs ... away from the technical and very much non-magical aspects we can scientifically explain, and back into the hands and the mind of the guitarist.


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The GITEC Board:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Zollner (chairman), Dr. Wolfgang Hรถnlein, Dr. Jรถrg Gebhardt, Kurt Hรคrtl, Eberhard Hoyer, Dr.-Ing. Tilmann Zwicker

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