Manfred Zollner (President)


1969-75 Studies in electroacoustics at the Technical University Munich

1982   Dr.-Ing. degree at the     Institute for Electroacoustics (Prof. Zwicker)

1983-86 Dynacord (…was young., needed the money)

1987       Founder of Cortex-Instruments GmbH (instrumentation, sound-analyzers)

1990       Chair of the Institute for acoustics and signal processing at the Regensburg University

1999       Start of investigations into the electric guitar

2003       Sale of  Cortex-Instruments GmbH


1965-69 Garage band in Munich “The Gypsies“ (Stones, Beatles, and much more)

1970-72 “The Way of Life“

1973       “The Soundation”

1974-75   “Big Brother Skiffle Group”

1977-79   “Willi Augustin Band”

1979-82   “Funny Gallery" (today: "Big Bad Wolf")

since then: guitar at many blues sessions

2014         Founder of GITEC

Wolfgang Hönlein (Vice-President)


1977      Physics-Diploma (Master), University Würzburg

1983      Doctorate, Universität Würzburg/MPI Stuttgart (MOSFETs)

1983      Siemens AG, Munich, Semiconductor R&D, DRAMs

1999      Infineon AG, Munich, Carbon Nanotubes, IC-Metalization

2005      Qimonda AG, Munich/Dresden, DRAM Simulation

2009      free-lance consultant for Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI)

2014      retired


around 1965 garage band „Upper Square,“ modeled after the „Pretty Things“

1966      lasting experience: the „Windsor Jazz&Blues Festival“ –  The Who (Marshall-destruction), Cream, Spencer Davis Group, Stevie Winwood, …

1970      to date: couch-guitarist, electronics tinkerer

2013     reeled in by THE PROFESSOR: Physic of the  der Electric Guitar

2014      (Co-) Founder of GITEC


Jörg Gebhardt


1985 Physics-Diploma (Master), University of Cologne

1989 Doctorate, University of Cologne

1989 Moeller GmbH, Bonn

1998 ATR Industrie-Elektronik, Viersen

2002 Passavant-Roediger, Aanbrengen

2005 Establishment of aquatune GmbH


1972-75 guitar lessons with Fred Harz, Cologne

until 2004 guitarist with the „Bedlams“, Cologne

since 2006 guitarist with „Kilroy“, Cramberg (see

2012/13 seminars with Manfred Zollner

2014 Foundation of the Forum E-Gitarrentechnik e.V. (GITEC)

Ham radio license: DL1KG


Kurt Härtl (Finances)

Kurt Härtl has been living in Augsburg since 2005 and works with a wide variety of music projects on a national scale. He graduated form the Anton-Bruckner-Conservatory in Linz (Jazz & Popmusik) and has found his place Southern Germany's live and studio-scene after an 11-year intense phase in Munich. He has already worked with Er arbeitete bisher mit: Monrose, „Popstars“ (PRO 7), Götz Alsmann, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Wolfgang Fierek, Die jungen Tenöre, Philharmonic Orchestra Augsburg. Since the summer semester 2015, Kurt also holds a lecturing position at the University of Augsburg.

Tilmann Zwicker (Communication)


1976 - 1981: studies of electrical engineering, Technical University Munich)

1982 - 1988: Associate Professor (TU Munich, Inst. f. Electroacoustics & Inst. f. Metrology)

1988 - 1989: Visiting research fellow (NEU Boston, MA;  MSU, East Lansing, MI;  UW; Madison, WI)

1990 - 2000: Patent examiner (European Patent Office Munich; techn. areas: amplifiers, filters, oscillators, modulation, acoustics, musical instruments)

2000 - 2016: Director (European Patent Office Munich; techn. area: telecommunications)


- since 1971: continuous member in a whole lotta amateur and semi-pro bands (Blues, Rock, Fusion, Country, Folk, Salsa), mostly als guitarist but also on bass, organ and synthesizer

- just as long: various amateur- und semipro-recording- und live-sound projects

- and probably even longer: (mostly in a "private" framework): design and realization of  circuits oft guitars,  amps and effects devices, and customization and restoration of the same

- 2015 - 2018: technical support for the Jazzclub  "Unterfahrt" in Munich

Special interests (in the area of guitar):

- learn how to express myself even better on the instrument

- find an answer to the question: "what exactly is it that characterizes a great guitar sound?"

Michael Vochezer

Summer Swing Summit Herkulessaal

Michael Vochezer hails from the Chiemgau area in Southern Bavaria. Sind the mid-1990's he is active as guitarist, composer, arranger and guitar teacher, and has correspondingly always been inquisitive about the technical side of the electric guitar, taking a particular interest in the point-of-view of the user.

Whether it's gypsy-jazz, fusion (where he contributes his own compositions), big band, funk, soul or blues – it is the great flexibility of the guitar that fascinates Michael. Improvisation in Jazz and Blues, and cool grooves always provide the basis. Besides various projects featuring original compositions and arrangements such as Cafe Caravan (Gypsy Jazz Quartett), Groove Galaxy (Fusion Jazz), Travels (original compositions featuring vocals, vibes and guitar) and treeo (Michael Jackson's music arranged for vocals and two acoustic guitars), Michael regularly plays with Blue Bay Music (Party), Club Society (Funk & Soul Party), Norisha, Swing Summit (Rat Pack Big Band Sound), Tanzbar (Party), and as studio musician (for BR, ZDF, and Eberhard Schoener, amongst many others). He also finds time for collaborations with other artists in a wide variety of  settings, such as for example once a year with the Söhne Traunreuts.

In 2016, and based on a unique concept, Michael started his own guitar academy together with his partner Enrico Coromines:

Michael has studied performance (with Mick Goodrick, Joe Lovano, Hal Crook and Ed Tomassi, among others) and jazz composition (with Greg Hopkins, Phil Wilson and Ted Pease, among others) at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, USA, and graduated with „summa cum laude“-honors in 2004.

Michael lives in Munich, Germany. He is married and has two children.


Eberhard Hoyer

Until 1991 studies in Electric Engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. From then Software Engineer in industrial process-automation, mobile communications, and end-user software.

Musical beginnings as schoolboy with classical guitar - soon to be replaced by an electric one.  Member of various garage bands, contributor to amateur Musical productions, and since 1992 member of a hobby rock band performing original compositions. On the side: tinkering with electronics of and for electric guitars. Participation in a seminar by Manfred Zollner in 2014, and since then participation in all GITEC activities and meetings.