Much that is essential for the function of the electric guitar remains invisible to begin with:

  • The movement of strings and loudspeaker-membranes is too quick to be perceived in detail with the eye.
  • Electric and magnetic fields are from a different, somewhat mysterious realm altogether and remain hidden.
  • Wave propagation is known to us from the waves on water – but there it is often complex and confusing.
  • Electrons buzzing about within a tube stay – irrespective of the "hot" sound they may generate – as atomic particles outside our daily reality.

Many of us would like to "get a picture" of what really is going on in the invisible domain.

This picture can aid our understanding considerably!

For this reason, GITEC has put together a collection of animations that render visible what happens. We have just reissued the animations on our website, and have complemented them with explanations.

Here they are:

Also, there is further knowledge in the scientific articles the translations of which we hope to continue soon:

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