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Although some English-language content will continue to linger here on the "old" site, content-management and -maintenance will only be done on the new site!


Comprehensive info is found here:

The book: Physics of there Electric Guitar  &  Scientific articles on the topics of guitar, studio, stage, and background knowledge

And below there is information sorted according to the individual topics!

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Info on the Instrument itself

What "PotEG" has to say on pickups and control

ALNICO magnets for guitar pickups


Processing between Guitar and Amp

What "PotEG" has to say about effects

Overdrive, Fuzz & Distortion: investigating Range-Master, Tube-Screamer, et al.

Amp & Speaker

it might get loud …

What “PotEG” has to say about amps and speakers


Studio & Stage

For safe arrival of that great sound

Some Considerations on Batteries

More to come as translations become available!

Links & Literature

Sources of knowledge … and more ...

List of Literature & Links


Science and Theory

Going deep … into the nitty-gritty

Collection of animations

The Electromagntic Field (from "Physics of the Electric Guitar")