"Physics of the Electric Guitar" by Prof. Manfred Zollner

We are in the process of translating the book "Physik der Elektrogitarre" (Physics of the Electric Guitar) into English language. The content listing below indicates those chapters which have already been translated by a double entry with a direct link to the respective translation as the respective second entry.

Please note: in the PDF-version a (small) number of figures and passages is excluded. The complete text including all figures is available only in the printed hard-copy edition (German language).

The PDF-version of  "Physik der Elektrogitarre" (i.e. the Book in its original German edition) may be downloaded in its entirety for free only by members of GITEC. The present membership fee is annually 30 € - (Value Added Tax VAT, MWSt = 0 €), this includes the access to the annual GITEC meeting).

Content listing of  "Physics of the Electric Guitar" including links to the chapters (PDF's) - translation into English to be completed bit by bit as the translation work progresses.


Here is also a PDF-version of the content:

Contents of Physics of the Electric Guitar (PDF)

Inhalt von "Physik der Elektrogitarre" (PDF)


Errata (concerning only the German version of the book)


Here's what others have to say about the book (apologies that these links lead to German language comments only):

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Unfortunately, the hardcopy of "Physik der Elektrogitarre" is (presently) sold out!