On this page we want to present interesting activities of GITEC members:

Many members of GITEC actively work on their instruments and gear: they design, build and modify their guitars, amps and effects devices, and they often investigate the results very thoroughly.  This here is a forum for presenting these activities to a larger circle: if you have something you would like to share, send us the results so we can post them here.

Comments by others are very welcome, just enter them below and click "send". We will forward this input to the corresponding author, and interesting comments may well be published on this site.


.           Author                                     Project


1     Hermann Schebler:          Optimierung Strat

2     Hermann Schebler:         Optimierung Tele


3     Tilmann Zwicker                   The Professor - an old-school amp project

4     Tilmann Zwicker                   A simple DI-Box with speaker simulation

Some audio samples recorded with the "Professor" amp and the above DI-Box (i.e. w/out microphone); guitars used were an ES-335, a Strat, a Tele, and cheap Guyatone lap-steel:





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